One of the unique characteristics of Verge Select is that we are both designers and makers. It is this intrinsic connection that has led us to produce highly detailed, well curated, luxurious spaces for our clients.

We started with our hands in the dirt and later found a connection with the explanation of design concept through drawing. This is principal to the experience we offer our clients.

With extensive studio equipment covering three major focuses, we have generated a reputation of quality, materiality and permanence. 


Concrete has transcended through the centuries as one of the most widely accepted methods of construction. It’s unique structural capability, permanence and moldability allows the designer to explore geometric volumes that are impossible with other materials.

We have been working with fine concrete since 2008. Our initial studies took us to California where we trained with the pioneers of the industry: Fu Tung Cheng and Buddy Rhodes.

These studies marked the beginning of our relationship with concrete and have led us to create works on two continents. It was our concrete work that brought us to collaborate on a multi-year project at one of the leading hotels of the world in Argentina.

Exploring the boundaries of the material, our work focuses on large precast architectural components, sinks, bathtubs and wall panels.


With roots to pre-history; furniture has transcended generations and become increasingly technical. The art form of cabinetmaking is directly associated with our beginnings and it is essential to how we have grown to where we are today. The subtle nuances offered innately by natural material are skilfully moulded with the touch of hand to become a volume one can cherish for generations.

Our initial years have led us to focus on residential whole home millwork packages with an emphasis on fitted furniture including kitchens, baths and dressing rooms.

Using modern techniques all of our work is prototyped and developed in house to the specific direction of the client. The skilled touch of our craftsmen insure that every composition is executed with quality and an eye for detail; a concept that is lost with much of the modern millwork being produced.

Coupled with our vast machine room and advanced finishing area we are capable of custom exotic veneer and luxury finishes including polishable high-gloss and multi-component opaque finishes.

Hardware development is an important, dynamic component to our work. Much of our compositions feature unique custom hardware that seamlessly integrates with the desired aesthetic. 


Our intimate relationship with the joinery of wood has expanded to include metal.  A material far more stable and stronger then wood, it allows for a unique aesthetic with very slim proportions.

We are not a production metal shop, but do focus on skilfully executed detailed compositions that often require custom finishes and machining.

Lazer cut assemblies and intricate machined compositions are our passion.  We have developed proprietary methods of laminating raw steel to engineered substraights allowing use to make complex forms that are well executed.

Our finishing department is well studied in various single and multi-component finishes including blueing and natural steel finishes.